ADC Legal are your passionate team of specialists in commercial litigation, debt recovery and insurance disputes.

Our mission is simple: getting our clients the best possible outcome.  Optimising your profits and minimising your stress in a time efficient way.


Legal battles and debt recovery can drive a business to financial ruin.

That is why ADC Legal provide you peace of mind, so you can budget for your legal outlays.

We will always be open and transparent about our ongoing fees and will remain competitive on price.


We practice in the following areas:

Commercial litigation.

Debt recovery

Insurance claims dispute resolution.

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Our commitment to quality is important to us.
The high quality of our work ensures that costs are not wasted and most of our advice is provided free of charge in the initial consultation.

You will be guided through the whole process with expert and bespoke advice  by a team of highly qualified and passionate lawyers and a vast knowledge base.


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