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Statutory Demands under the Corporations Act

Author:  Elyssa Maragoudakis ADC Legal is frequently asked about what debt recovery methods are available when a debtor company does not pay money owed. Section 459E of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) enables creditors to formally demand and pressure a company to pay a debt owed by issuing a statutory demand.   Changes to Statutory […]

A guide to outsourcing insurance claims recoveries

Insurance claims recoveries, in this instance, refers to claiming back the cost of repairs for the insured’s loss from the at-fault party. Insurance claims recoveries is usually the very last process completed in the insurance claims process, however, actioning these early and efficiently can reap a host of benefits. The primary function of claims recoveries […]

Business continuity in times of COVID -19

Sooner or later our economy will need to return even if not 100%. There will be businesses that will be suffer but there will also be new businesses that will born. In this time of quarantine let us discuss opportunities you can do for your business continuity.   Safety first Start with monitoring your current […]