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Commercial litigation.
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Insurance claims dispute resolution.

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A Guide to the History of Insurance Law

Written by: Mohammad Kashefi, Solicitor, LLB (Hons), GDLP.   In ancient periods, some governments provided a risk guarantee for merchants against  the perils of the sea, attacks by enemies or bad weather conditions. According to Livy,1  in 215 BCE, during the war of Iberia, the Roman army was in urgent need of supplies.  The Republic […]

Enforcing a Judgment Debt in Victoria

Written by: Nicholas Phibbs- Solicitor at ADC Legal Received a court order for a monetary sum (Judgment Debt) against a Defendant (Debtor)  in the Magistrates Court of Victoria (Court) but the Debtor still refuses to comply? Unfortunately, this is a scenario that occurs all too often, fortunately though, there are a  number of legal options […]

How to Write a Pre-Legal Letter of Demand for Debt Collection

After you have sent your initial invoices and follow up emails, but still not received payment, it’s then time to get serious. This is where you need to know how to send an effective Pre-Legal Letter of Demand. I have previously shown you how to write your own debt collection letter here:  See Here: How […]