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Insurance claims dispute resolution.

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Third Party Claims Against an Insurer

Section 51 of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) (“ICA”) has shown us that third parties who have a claim against an insured, are now provided with an avenue to make a third party claims directly against the insurer. However, case law has shown that third parties bringing a claim under section 51 of the […]

A Post COVID-19 Legal Profession

A Post COVID-19 Legal Profession    “If you are a conventional lawyer and you’re not prepared to adapt to the 2020’s you’ll struggle to survive, but if you are entrepreneurial and enthusiastic, forward looking, open minded, then there’s probably never been a more exciting time to be in the law.” – Professor Richard Susskind.   […]

Calderbank offer: What is a Calderbank offer?

Author: Nathan Haynes What is a Calderbank offer? A Calderbank offer is in essence an offer of settlement without prejudice. They are however distinct in that they are ‘without prejudice’ with the exception of their use in relation to the courts calculations when awarding costs. If a Calderbank offer is made and it is not […]