Great Time for Closed Case Audits

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Great Time for Closed Case Audits

Great Time for Closed Case Audits
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Now is a good time of the year to clear out all the old claims cases and get them checked over for possible recovery opportunities.

Closed Case Audit is a specialist service provided by Debt Recoveries Australia (DRA), a debt collection agency that specialises in the insurance claims industry. Through closed case reviews, money is recovered on behalf of a client from insurance claims that have previously been closed. One of the greatest internal expenses experienced by a lot of  insurance organisations is claims leakage. Claims leakage can occur for a number of reasons including:

  • Overlooked information
  • Miscoded claims
  • Data entry errors
  • Non-economical pursuits
  • Judgments with no recovery
  • Unlocatable third parties
  • Other overlooked recovery opportunities

We assist many clients in identifying and reducing claim leakage through conducting periodic closed case audits. A member of DRA’s recovery team conducts an onsite visit periodically as agreed, reviewing each closed case and actioning those cases that have a potential for recovery. DRA is responsible for all expenses involved. We can audit paper cases or conduct an audit of your paperless cases online. A paperless review can be done remotely or on-site.

Closed case audits result in many of DRA’s clients experiencing increased recovery rates while reducing their claims costs.


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Adam Stewart - Debt Collection Expert

Adam Stewart has worked in the fields of motor vehicle insurance and debt recovery for over 12 years, working with some of the largest insurance and debt recovery companies in Australia.

In 2002, he established Debt Recoveries Australia Pty Ltd, a debt collection agency specialising in the insurance claims industry. Adam is also the owner of ADC Legal, a legal practice specialising in commercial advice and litigation, debt recovery and insurance claims recovery disputes.

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