What we value at ADC Legal

We deliver to you industry-leading legal services, with strong community values, together with solid legal expertise, for your on-going benefit. Some things that are important to us include:

Wholistic approach. Wholly focused on achieving the desired result as opposed to merely running through the motions of litigation. We aim to achieve the best outcome for our client as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Transparency and Accountability. Providing an honest review of each case prior to starting any legal action and ensuring the client has a clear understanding of the costs vs benefit analysis for each matter.

Commerciality—developing practical, real world solutions that work for clients in the long-term. Cost conscious. We are respectful of our clients’ resources.

Communication. We provide online access so you can see in real time, exactly what we are doing for you. Timely, fast communication.

Empathy is our guide. Understanding the needs of others is critical to doing great work. We make an impact when we invest in knowing our clients and our team.

Integrity—maintaining high professional standards and ethical principles and showing moral character.