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About ADC Legal

Welcome to ADC Legal Litigation Lawyers. We operate nationwide with a broad and thorough knowledge and expertise in all Australian jurisdictions.

ADC Legal- Litigation Lawyers is a legal practice specialising in commercial advice and litigation, debt recovery and insurance claims recovery disputes. We have proven expertise in handling the most complex commercial litigation in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and we handle litigation and debt recovery matters for companies and businesses, through our agents, in all states of Australia.

Type of Work

We practice in commercial litigation, debt recovery disputes and insurance claims disputes.

At ADC Legal we listen to you, the client, to understand your objectives when formulating our advice, and to that end we coordinate closely with you to establish your precise objectives in relation to exactly what you want.

Please call us on 1300 799 820 or email us if you would like to know more at email@adclegal.com.au

Advantages of using ADC Legal:

  • Fixed-Price, fully-inclusive legal costs, offering clients a fixed price costing structure.
  • Online issuing of court documents
  • Emphasis on quick resolution, rather than lengthy, drawn out legal matters

This is our promise to you:

  • competitive pricing
  • speed
  • quality of work and advice;
  • transparency and
  • commerciality

What we value at ADC Legal

We deliver to you industry-leading legal services, with strong community values, together with solid legal expertise, for your on-going benefit. Some things that are important to us include:

Wholistic approach. Wholly focused on achieving the desired result as opposed to merely running through the motions of litigation. We aim to achieve the best outcome for our client as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Transparency and Accountability. Providing an honest review of each case prior to starting any legal action and ensuring the client has a clear understanding of the costs vs benefit analysis for each matter.

Commerciality—developing practical, real world solutions that work for clients in the long-term. Cost conscious. We are respectful of our clients’ resources.

Communication. We provide online access so you can see in real time, exactly what we are doing for you. Timely, fast communication.

Empathy is our guide. Understanding the needs of others is critical to doing great work. We make an impact when we invest in knowing our clients and our team.

Integrity—maintaining high professional standards and ethical principles and showing moral character.

Competitive and simple pricing structure

We will provide a fixed fee price for some of our services, so you can budget on your legal outlays. We will always be open and transparent about our on-going fees and will remain competitive on price. A fixed fee structure makes invoicing simple and cost effective for you.


We aim to smash the reputation of law firms being slow to act and then long on turnaround. Our aim is to act upon instructions as soon as they are received.. Our goal is to have a 48 hour turn-around on all instructions. i.e. We guarantee to action your request within 48 hours. We will also aim to get a resolution to your case as soon as possible. We realise that the quicker we can collect an outstanding debt, the more likely we are to be successful.

Quality of work and advice

Our commitment to quality is importance to us. The high quality of our work ensures that costs are not wasted and most of our advice is provided free of charge in the initial consultation.


Our commitment is to be open and transparent in our reporting to you. We will proactively report on the progress of each matter being handled on a monthly basis. Progress updates are provided in writing, by email, telephone, on an individual file basis or spread- sheeted; they are also provided when you need them for example, before board, committee or section meetings. ADC Legal has the capacity to deliver detailed reports electronically.


Before any step is taken or advice given, we turn our mind to the cost and benefit to the client. This is reflected in practical advices, which include, where available, the foreshadowed costs of implementing any advice given. Our charge-out rates are competitive, and unlike some of our competitors, we are more than happy to provide quotations on legal fees where possible.

We understand how important a commercial approach to litigation is for our clients, and we always aim to maximise return wherever possible based on the specific circumstances of each case.

Fixed Price Legal Service for Business

The most difficult issue to understand in litigation is the cost. Our high quality legal services are efficient and handled with urgency to meet your deadlines, easily accessible due to the availability of our lawyers and our other team members and excellent value for money. We can provide a fixed rate for litigation packages and legal services. Our hourly rates are also fixed at a set rate, so that you know exactly what you are paying.

We provide fixed prices for letters of advice, letters of demand, summonses, bankruptcy notices and winding up applications. For more complex commercial litigation our hourly rates are highly competitive compared to other litigation firms. Our rates are generally 20% lower than most Commercial Litigation Law Firms.

Please call us on 1300 799 820 or email us if you would like to know more at email@adclegal.com.au