Fixed price Legals

Fixed Price Legal Services for Business

In every well-run business, expenses and overheads are built into financial forecasts and budgeted for accordingly. However, until now it has been all but impossible to budget for legal expenses. That is why ADC Legal offers fixed price legal services for businesses that enable you to forecast your legal fees accurately for the very first time.

In this way we enable every business to remain legally fit for purpose as simply and affordably as possible, enabling owners to focus on core business rather than legal matters and worrying over exorbitant hourly rates.

Bespoke Advice

While we exist to offer fixed price legal services for businesses, it is important to point out that all of our legal solutions, services, documents and policies are always fully bespoke to the needs of each client: a fact that holds true whether you are seeking an individual document such as a Legal Letter of Demand or a comprehensive litigation package for your business.

Just as importantly, it is free to talk to us: so if you are unsure of which services would be right for your company, you are always welcome to call us on 1300 799 820 to discuss your possible requirements free and without obligation.

Expert advice when you need it most

We firmly believe that when it comes to legal matters, prevention is better than cure. So in the first instance we like to talk to every potential client, enabling us to establish which of our fixed price legal services your business requires, as well to ensure that any documents you may require are tailored exactly to the needs of your business by an expert solicitor.

Naturally, we are also here to help with any problems that have already arisen, or may occur in future, through a comprehensive range of fixed price legal services that are always delivered by experienced solicitors, promising you peace of mind and cost certainty in every eventuality.

To discuss fixed price legal services for businesses, or speak to a solicitor regarding an existing problem, call us free and without obligation on 1300 799 820 or email us at